Farmers Respond to goCrop Integrated Analysis Tools

Ever wonder if your farm is a net importer or exporter of nutrients?

Have you sat down and penciled out the math on the financial benefits of cover crops?

goCrop is here to help with that! With newly integrated analysis tools and easy to interpret reports, goCrop is a one stop shop to write your NMP and calculate a Whole Farm Mass Nutrient Balance, based on software from Cornell, and Cover Crop Economics based on the NRCS calculator.

Tim Magnant said, “Reports are nice because we can see the results. We are doing a good job. This report isn’t for me, it’s for the naysayers…The reports work in my favor because they show that the agronomics we are doing are working. It’s proof. We are doing as good as we can do. This shows me we are doing pretty well.”

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