Three Types of Tillage and Four Types of Manure Incorporation

UVM Extension has a long-term term research trial investigating the results of no-till, strip-till, and vertical-till with different types of manure incorporation- injected, broadcasted, aerwayed, and plowed.

Minimum tillage methods like no-till, strip-till, and vertical-till may result in an initial lull in yield for the first few years, but after the soil has been given an chance to recover and improve, yields are rather comparable.  (You can read more here:

UVM Extension would like to thank Scott Magnan’s Custom Services for injecting manure into minimum tillage plots at Borderview Research Farm in Alburg.

Here is a photo of Scott Magnan’s Custom Services injecting manure:


Manure injection allows for minimal soil disturbance and less odor.

Here is a photo of broadcasted manure:


After the broadcast manure, the fields were aerwayed:


Aerwaying allows for broadcasted manure to be incorporated in the field with minimal soil disturbance.

Some plots were plowed:


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