Composting Animal Mortalities on Farm Video

Funding is available to assist with the installation of an on-farm animal mortality composting facility.  Contact the Farmer’s Watershed Alliance for more information.

Got questions on how it’s done?  Click on the DVD below to watch the instructional video.

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  1. ive been composting my mrnuae for 3 years and never had a problem. what i do is put it in a pile in the sun, as far away from animals and buildings as possible, feed my horses a feed through fly eliminator (it doesnt kill flies, but repels them with garlic and a few other things, as well as it makes it so eggs laid in the poo die and never survive to hatch). i stir it up every month with a tractor, and after about 6-8 months the bottom layer is beautiful black dirt. in particularly hot and dry periods, ill water it so it doesnt dry out too much. i dont do anything other than those steps.if you’re using it on delicate plants and things like ph level are crucial, this probably isnt the method for you. but i find for the majority of things, the less messing you do with it, the better it usually ends up.