Informational Videos

Protecting the Soil: Cover Crops for Clean Water


Feeding the Soil: The Scoop on Poop


A view from inside the cab at the Gervais Family Farm!  Fall 2017 – Corn Chopping


Dragline System for Manure Injection at Conants Riverside Farm

Systems/technologies like these help farmers efficiently and effectively reduce nutrient loss, soil compaction, manure purchases, and odor in the air!


Highboy Plants Cover Crops

The Highboy plants cover crops across 60 feet in between corn rows by broadcasting the seed under the canopy.


Scott Magnan’s Custom Service – Manure Injection

Take a look at Scott Magnan’s Custom Services injecting manure at UVM Extension research plots at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, VT.  Manure injection allows for nutrient application with minimal soil disturbance and little odor.

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