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5/21/2018 USDA Milk Margin Protection Plan enrollment deadline is June 1st

5/16/2018 ‘Conserving soil, saving water’ – St. Albans Messenger, a look at Gervais Family Farm

4/16/2018 ‘Farmers say they are being unfairly targeted over pollution in Lake Carmi’ – WCAX Video & Article

4/5/2018  Milk Service in Vermont Schools:  Decision Making Criteria, Best Practices and Case Studies

3/23/2018 April Agriview – a new 2018 contract between the Farmer’s Watershed Alliance and VAAFM for the implementation of 8 to 10 Grassed Waterways and/or Filter Strips is featured on PAGE 8

3/20/2018 David Deen: All In For Clean Water

2/28/2018 Vermont Agency of Agriculture Files Proposed Subsurface Tile Drainage Amendment to Required Agricultural Practices Rule with Secretary of State

1/30/2018 Cleaner Water Poses Challenges for Vermont Farmers – Lancaster Farming

1/17/2018 Letter, 1/18:  State’s farmers need Fair Repair Act

1/15/2018 The ‘Right To Repair’ Movement Is Being Led By Farmers


12/29/2017 VTFB Upcoming Legislative Issues – Bills of Interest

12/27/2017 New organic dairy farmers face market challenges

11/21/2017 Middlebury College will be buying natural gas produced by an anaerobic digester from a dairy farm in Salisbury

11/7/2017  VPR: Pond Restoration Project One Of Many Hoped To Improve Lake Carmi Water Quality

10/19/2017  VAAFM Announces $1M in Grant Funding for Farm Capital Equipment Assistance Program

09/22/2017  State Announces Commitment, Resources for Carmi Watershed

09/20/2017  S.A.R.E. 2017 Cover Crop Survey Analysis – Cover Crops Boost Yields and Weed Control

09/14/2017  Small Farm Operations (SFO) RAP Adherence Flier – VAAFM

09/06/2017 VHCB Viability Program Announces Grant Opportunities for Farmers

08/28/2017 St. Albans Bay Farms in Franklin County Make Better than Expected Progress in Reducing Runoff , Upping the Expectation for Next Year

08/24/2017  WCAX Video: New Methods for Farmers to Reduce Phosphorus Runoff

08/23/2017 Bridgeman View Farm Showcasing No-Till and Cover Crops in Vermont Fields

08/21/2017 New Data Indicates Reduced Farm Phosphorus Runoff into Lake Champlain

06/15/2017 Army Worms Confirmed in Addison, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties

05/30/2017 See if You Qualify for Prevented Planting/Replanting Insurance Payments

02/21/2017 What does a Small Farm Inspection look like? See here courtesy of the VAAFM


10/26/2016 Preventing Fires in Baled Hay and Straw

10/21/2016 Farmers Reminded of Feb. 17, 2017, Deadline to Apply for Structural Conservation Practices

09/16/2016 The final version of Required Agricultural Practices was submitted to the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules. Read more on the RAPs here.

08/10/2016 The new Lake Champlain TMDL Phase 1 Implementation Plan has just been released!


05/15/2015 Vermont Lawmakers Pass Long-Awaited Lake Champlain Clean-Up Bill

05/05/2015 RCPP Providing Additional Funding to Help Vermont Farmers Comply with New Standards

04/20/2015 Ben & Jerry’s Source Milk from the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery

04/02/2015 Water quality bill with $8 million in new revenue clears House. It is now in the Senate.

03/31/2015 Current View on Manure

03/30/2015 Before the Clean Water Bill (H.35) goes to the House, read up on the most recent view shared by Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ross

02/02/2015 Vermont Dairy Farms Have $2.2B Economic Impact


04/22/2014 EPA Awards FWA an Environmental Merit Award


05/12/2009 Vermont Farmers Try New Way To Increase Hay Yields Help Lake

02/13/2009 Hope For $1 Million From Stimulus


06/28/2008 Wet Season – Potential for Nitrogen Loss from Heavy Rainfalls


06/29/2006 Equal Time Radio – Jenny Nelson, a dairy farmer from Ryegate and agricultural advisor to Bernie Sanders

06/28/2006 Farmers Desperate For A Break

06/13/2006 Extension Proposed

06/12/2006 Deterred From Cleaning Up Runoff

06/12/2006 Quicker Solutions To Farm Pollution

05/03/2006 Farmers Want Action Not Research

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