Funding Protocol

  1. Must be a member of the FWA ($100 annual membership fee).
  2. Must have a completed Farm Assessment.
  3. Must submit a cost-estimate and project design.
  4. Must have completion date.
  5. The Board will make evaluate all requests and make funding decisions based on the following:
    • Project has adequate design and realistic completion date
    • Project has justifiable expenses and documented cost share
    • Generally, projects under $10,000
    • Projects with greatest water quality impact funded first
  6. Projects will be reviewed monthly and funded accordingly.
  7. Projects will be funded up to 80% of the total cost.
Technical Assistance

  • We can help farmers locate adequate project designs that are available on-line or through FWA partner organizations.
  • We can provide cost share for low cost projects.
  • We will help farmers locate funding sources for more expensive projects.
  • We aid farmers with developing realistic cost estimates to implement the project.  Most technical assistance is provided by an individual with farming and NRCS background.

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