The Farmer’s Watershed Alliance of Franklin/Grand Isle County is a farmer driven organization that aims to work with farmers to improve water quality in the Lake Champlain Basin.  As a member you can receive technical support from the FWA’s agronomic specialist (nutrient management planning and farm assessment).

A Water Quality Protection Plan can be developed for your farm.  This program provides non-regulatory one-on-one help to identify environmental risks on the farm.

Once these risks are identified an Action Plan can be developed.  This voluntary action plan will be developed based on priorities related to identified risks.  The plan will set realistic goals to improve environmental conditions according to your own timetable.

Technical Assistance from our agronomic specialist can be provided to help you develop a nutrient management plan, crop recommendations, and other field advice.  The Farmer’s Watershed Alliance can also work with you to provide contacts with engineers, government programs, or other farmers in order to help you implement strategies.

Being a member of the FWA means more than assistance, it also brings farmers a further sense of community.  Through becoming a member you can stay up-to-date on local events, networking opportunities, regulatory updates, agricultural news, current crop issues, and much more.

To sign up by mail and pay dues by check/cash:

Click here to print a membership application form.

To sign up online and pay dues by card, visit:

Thank you for considering becoming a member of the FWA!

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